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Are you looking for a new challenge?       We at Pronet are looking to employ a new estimator to join our growing company. The ideal candidate should have experience with working in the construction industry (preferably working at height). If you know...

What are the benefits of Roof Angel?

Roof Angel is designed so that it is able to accommodate corners and various building shapes; so that it is aesthetically flexible, with low profile posts and comprehensive fixing options suitable for all roof types including standing seam, composite, built up, secret...

What is Demarcation? Do I need it?

Applications may be for the purpose of preventing access to hazards during regular rooftop maintenance or to provide safe access across the roof.Wherever roof access  is required designers are tasked with creating a safe route which should be identified by a...

Why use Guard Angel?

The perfect product for a variety of work environments Guard Angel does not compromise in quality or functionality, allowing you to offer your staff the best possible work environment. Its pre-galvanised material extends the life cycle of the product whilst also being...

Rope Access


Rope Access Details

With origins stemming from techniques used in caving and climbing, modern rope access work has evolved, both on and offshore.

Each rope access task has specific attributes that need to be assessed in order to maintain the highest level of safety when the work is being performed. This assessment is also critical to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the property, environment and individuals.


Cost Effective


Time Efficient


Safe and Reliable


Equipment – Lightweight and Manoeuvrable


Ease of Installation / Uninstallation


Ability to access otherwise inaccessible locations


Man-Risk Hours Typically Reduced


Minimal Disruption to Working Environment / Individuals

Rope Access Services

There is a wide variety of tasks for which Pro-Net Safety Services can provide trained and safety certified personnel to carry out rope access. For example:

Installation of Fall Arrest Safety Netting

Installation of Temporary Safety Solutions

Building Inspection and Testing

Geotechnical netting, Anchor Testing and Stabilisation

Building Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair

Advertising Signage / Billboards

If you have any other tasks that might require rope work to complete, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possible options available to you.

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