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What are the benefits of Roof Angel?

Roof Angel is designed so that it is able to accommodate corners and various building shapes; so that it is aesthetically flexible, with low profile posts and comprehensive fixing options suitable for all roof types including standing seam, composite, built up, secret...

What is Demarcation? Do I need it?

Applications may be for the purpose of preventing access to hazards during regular rooftop maintenance or to provide safe access across the roof.Wherever roof access  is required designers are tasked with creating a safe route which should be identified by a...

Why use Guard Angel?

The perfect product for a variety of work environments Guard Angel does not compromise in quality or functionality, allowing you to offer your staff the best possible work environment. Its pre-galvanised material extends the life cycle of the product whilst also being...

Guard Angel


Guard Angel Details

ProNet Safety Services supply and install a wide range of Guardrail systems to meet the required health and safety standards of having to provide a safe environment to protect personnel while they are working at a height.

Our Guardrail systems offer a more permanent solution for edge protection and can be designed to fit your exact requirements – a bespoke system.


Cost effective and appropriate means of protection – the most suitable solution for edge protection


Adjustable, versatile and available in a wide range of finishes


Broad range of systems, components and accessories to suit most construction projects and buildings


Provides extra safety when used in conjunction with other fall arrest systems

Guardrail Finishes and Fixtures

All our Guard Angel systems are available in a range of finishes:

Extra Smooth Galvanised Steel
304 or 316 grade Stainless Steel
Painted to any RAL colour over galvanised steel
The following also applies to all our Guard Angel systems:

Fitted using A2 stainless steel fixings
Telescopic adjustable legs to compensate for any rise and fall on the roof surface
Counterbalance weights for our Guard Angel systems are made from re-cycled rubber

Standard Guardrail
Free standing is our most popular system. Although being described as standard, it is far from it, with a 10 degree incline and an aesthetically pleasing design it’s in a league of its own and above other standard systems in the UK and international markets.
Radius Guardrail
Pro guard is a sleek and streamlined system with a 925mm curved radius upright that provides extra protection by keeping people further away from the edge of the roof. The radius system can also be adapted into a 3 rail system for additional protection.
Collapsible Guardrail
Guard Angel foldable has been specifically designed to cater for listed buildings.

The system solves the highly noticeable and visual issues of other freestanding guardrails. When not in use, it neatly folds down and cannot been seen from floor level. However, when maintenance teams need to erect the system for protection, it is easily secured and folded back into the upright position.

Top-Fix Guardrail
This top fixed guardrail is the most versatile of all the Pro guard systems. This system can be designed and fabricated with different base plates to suit the following applications: Standing Seam, Composite & Built Up, Concrete, Brick and Timber

This system can also be adapted to become a single rail system where the parapet is higher than 500mm from the roof level.

Parapet Guardrail
The Guard Angel Parapet guardrail is a unique system which has been developed by engineers with years of experience. It can be designed and installed to address a variety of issues including:

Too much plant or ducting on the roof to allow adequate space for freestanding guardrail
Whilst re-roofing takes place
Standing Seam, Composite or Built Up roof
To avoid additional weight or loading on the roof

Front-Fix Guardrail
Guard Angel Front-Fix is generally used when roof space is limited and a parapet system cannot be used. This system is extremely flexible and can be adapted to provide a solution if our more popular versions cannot be used. It can be designed and installed to address a variety of issues including:

Too much plant or ducting on the roof to allow adequate space for freestanding guardrail
When the parapet wall has additional plant, walkways or existing fixtures
To avoid additional weight or loading on the roof
Standing Seam, Composite or Built Up roofs

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