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What are the benefits of Roof Angel?

Roof Angel is designed so that it is able to accommodate corners and various building shapes; so that it is aesthetically flexible, with low profile posts and comprehensive fixing options suitable for all roof types including standing seam, composite, built up, secret...

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Why use Guard Angel?

The perfect product for a variety of work environments Guard Angel does not compromise in quality or functionality, allowing you to offer your staff the best possible work environment. Its pre-galvanised material extends the life cycle of the product whilst also being...

Roof Angel


Roof Angel Details

The Roof Angel Horizontal Lifeline System by Fall Angel provides users with a total fall protection solution through continuous attachment whilst negotiating intermediate points along with the system – users can detach and re-attach at any point.

Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint

The Roof Angel Horizontal Lifeline is an anchorage system designed to protect one or more people working at height. The lifeline can be used as a Fall Arrest system and also a Fall Restraint system, further minimising risk to the end users.

Permanently attached

Roof Angel is permanently attached to the structure, can be replaced if deployed without removal from the roof and is corrosion-free, offering value-for-money longevity

Fully tested and certified

Roof Angel complies with all current European standards and requirements. It is independently tested by SATRA and is certified to EN795:2012 Type A & C and CEN/TS16415:2013. System critical components are serial numbered.

Complete 360 degree freedom

The Roof Angel Horizontal Lifeline enables the end user to connect to the line to move freely without needing to disconnect from it to accomplish any movement. They are able to pass the intermediate cable guides and corners automatically.

8mm cable-based anchorage system

Incorporating force absorption technology to minimise the loading passed to the structure in the event of a fall.

Computer calculation package

Our advanced computer calculation package guarantees that all installations are within the safe working limits of Roof Angel. This bespoke calculation software ensures the most effective tailored installation options.

Full technical support

We have devised and can deliver a comprehensive programme of Training Courses for your team. Site-specific layout drawings can de provided as a complete package if required.


With the Roof Angel Horizontal Lifeline, we have designed a system that fixes permanently to the roof structure, allowing for all types of work at height to be carried out in complete safety.

​Roof Angel is ideal for use in every sector with height safety objectives.

​Its advanced technology combined with a focus on delivering longevity of use makes Roof Angel the most cost-effective solution for all your fall protection needs.

Designed without compromise

The design of the Roof Angel anchors combined with its superior shock-absorbing materials means that the system can be top-fixed to most modern roof constructions.

It operates horizontally and along inclines and can easily accommodate three simultaneous users.

​There is no compromise to the integrity of the roof and, in the event of a fall, there is minimal damage to the roof sheets as all loads generated on the system are greatly reduced thanks to our unique design

The Roof Angel Horizontal Lifeline is suitable for:

Standing seam roofs

Utilising a seam clamp, there is no need for roof penetration.

Membrane roofs

Roof Angel can be fitted on all the major membrane roofing systems including single-ply and bituminous on steel, concrete and timber decks.

Trapezoidal roofs

Roof Angel can be fitted on all the major composite roofing systems. The posts are fixed to the roof sheet using structural rivets.

Concrete roofs

Roof Angel can be installed directly to concrete decking, with or without insulation or membranes.

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